Our Services

The review

The starting point is identifying how best to minimise your liabilities and protect your assets. We start with a review of your company’s operation, costing you nothing other than a bit of your time.


The marketing

By marketing your account through our wide industry links we can customise your insurance portfolio offering very competitive premiums and broad cover. One thing is certain; if T&G is competing, you will obtain the best price around.


The presentation

It can be very confusing when presented with numerous policy and premium options and then determining what’s best for you. We provide premium and cover comparison spreadsheets that are so easy to comprehend you will be able to make informed decisions with certainty.


Uninsured risks are highlighted and discussed in depth to gauge your potential financial exposures. We will also give you the solutions.


The relationship

Once you become a client of T&G, we take pride in introducing our staff to your staff. This creates mutual efficiencies by knowing whom to contact and a greater understanding of each other’s systems. The day to day functions of insurance, eg. change of vehicles, finance company certificates, policy amendments etc, are handled by our dedicated Executive Assistants who are conversant with the insurers’ products and IT systems. But rest assured that your T&G Account Executive is always on hand to jump in and assist you with any of the bigger issues. “Rapid-fire” turnaround of paperwork is one of our own internal yardsticks.


Our Markets

We have access to all the major Australian Licensed Insurance groups, Specialised Underwriting Agencies and Lloyd’s of London. We guarantee that all the insurers hold an Australian License issued and approved by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).


We are not aligned to any associations or cluster broking groups as they can be tied to obligatory insurance arrangements with certain insurers and premium funders that may compromise the true client to broker relationship.


We believe in our company philosophy of “Let the market decide” and by adopting a motto of “We work without fear, favour or bias” – we add value by being fiercely independent.


Premium Funding

To assist with the cashflow of your business, we can arrange premium funding from a selection of well-known and reputable funders so you can pay your insurances by the month with 6,8,9,10,11 or 12 month contracts available.


Other T&G Services

  • Insurance Risk Surveys.
  • Driver and Company Procedure Manuals – a must in today’s working environment.
  • Risk Management Assessment and Analysis – to assist you with identifying and minimalising the risks that may affect the viability of your business.




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