Liability Insurance

Business Practices/Management Liability:

You as a business owner can be held responsible for not only your own actions but also action of others. Just some of the covers included under Business Practices/Management Liability are:


  • Provides cover for defence costs as well as fines or penalties arising out of a breach of an Act of Parliament including:
    • Occupational Health & Safety Act (If workers compensation investigate your business following an injury to an employee/contractor).
    • Chain of Responsibility.
    • Pollution.
    • Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Liability for damages and legal costs incurred due to Employment Practices, i.e. wrongful termination, failure to promote, refusal to employ, demotion, harassment (including invasion of privacy), unlawful bullying etc.
  • Protects directors’ and employees’ personal assets from wrongful acts undertaken in performing their duties of responsibility.


Professional Indemnity

Protects your company and its employees if they are sued for an act, error or omission in relation to professional advice given.


Warehouseman’s Liability:

Cover for you, including legal defence, in the event you are held legally liable for damage to goods in your care, custody, or control. Even though the owner of the goods may have them insured, if you are liable for the damage, their insurer may seek recovery from you.


Other Liability Insurances:

Public and Products Liability, Freight Forwarders Liability, Stevedores Liability, Carriers Liability, Terminal Operators Liability.




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