This is the ultimate benchmark of any insurance and our people are among the best. We do more than just pass your claim form onto the Insurance Company. We will take the stress out of claims, irrespective of whether you are at fault or not, or just not sure who is. Even if the loss is under your excess, the best system is for you to step aside and refer all claim matters directly to us.


Our Claims Managers will know exactly what needs to be done and how to get things moving.


For your own claims we will ensure the correct flow of a claim.


Vehicle Recovery Assessment Paperwork Authorisation Completion of Repairs Settlement Satisfaction


We will discuss your demurrage, loss of use and excess recoveries with you and then liase with the insurers and/or instigate recovery proceedings on your behalf.


Our Claims Staff will handle those annoying third party enquiries that can absorb precious time.


For third party claims –


Determine Liability Precedence Proportion Loss Quantum Negotiation


We like to uphold the mantra that the client is always right, however, interpretation can sometimes be different. Our Claims Managers are conversant in Claim Reconstruction and Legal Precedents, which are invaluable in determining liability and quantum. Once investigations are complete you may not always like to hear what we have to say but you can be assured that all recommendations are made in your best interests on commercial and financial considerations.





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